Workshop – Monsoon Magic: A peek into Sawan ki Duniya / 14 Aug

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Workshop – Monsoon Magic:  A peek into Sawan ki Duniya



Genda Mahal, Lado Sarai

New Delhi 110030

(Address details upon registration)


Date / Time

Saturday 14 August, 2011

11 am – 6 pm


Dress Code

Monsoon colours – green, blue, purple


Registration Details

Contribution for workshop: Rs. 1,500

Contact Himanshu Verma / / 011-41671100 for details, registration and complete address.

Workshop also available for schools / groups / organisations.



Monsoon is a universe in itself, encompassing a celebration of nature, the human spirit, artistic expression, and many aspects of lived culture like food and festivals. This workshops aims to take a peek at this richly layered universe of the king of all seasons. The workshop is conducted by and dwells on the research of Monsoon Man Himanshu Verma, who has been curating The Monsoon Festival for 6 years now.


The workshop will cover the following themes:

The monsoon – an introduction, the meteorological context, a season unique to the Indian subcontinent

Decoding the universe of the monsoon – flora, fauna, landscapes, mythologies, traditional monsoon festivals, monsoon food, monsoon in the city…

The monsoon – a complex cultural idea, life breath of Indian creative expression

Monsoon and visual art – Ragamalas, Barahmasas, miniature and folk paintings; contemporary art inspired by the season

Monsoon music – manifestations of monsoon in a range of musical genres from classical (Malhars), folk and semi-classical (Kajris and allied forms), Sufi-Nirgun-Bhakti music to Bollywood and western forms of music.

Literature and poetry on the monsoon – from the classical romance of Kalidas’ Meghdootam to medieval and contemporart texts celebrating the rain

Discussing monsoon inspired works in dance, cinema, theatre and other art forms.

Monsoon muse – let the monsoon inspire the artist in you, write sawani poetry and sing along with us…

Images – click to enlarge

Learn about the onset of the monsoon! Photo: Wikimedia Commons / Saravask

Flora of the Monsoon Through Visual Art: Grasshopper by Tanuja Rane

Krishna on a swing, Ragamala monsoon miniature, circa 1750-60

Monsoon in the city – An interpretation by Jehangir Jani, TMF 2007

Music of the Monsoon!

Music of the Monsoon!

Monsoon Inspired Literature – Classical

Monsoon Inspired Literature – Modern

Monsoon in Bollywood / The Blue Umbrella by Vishal Bhardwaj

Monsoon in Bollywood / Monsoon Wedding by Mira Nair

Monsoon Architecture: The Monsoon Palace in Udaipur Wikimedia Commons / Soylentgreen

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